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  • Source and installation files uploaded
Other Stuff
  • To-do list:
  • Change fixed strings to entities to allow localization
  • Uninstaller
  • Add links to homepage from about box

SelectSearch is a Firefox 0.8 extension to allow selected text from a webpage to be searched for using any one of five user-configurable engines from the context menu.

Yup, it is a bit like qlookup, but you can configure the agents you want to use by yourself from the extension options box, so no having to muck around with scripts and xul. Just type in the search string, right click and use that engine. Agents are stored in the preferences, so every user can set their own up.

Also included is a handy "open as hyperlink" for when those *@!# website authors forget to put the anchor tags in.

See the screenshots to see how it looks like.

Currently SelectSearch is in v0.1 - it works, it has almost all functionality. I need to sort out bugs in the 'about' box that stop it opening up webpages, and I want to change all the fixed strings to entities to allow localization. Apart from that it just needs testing in other Mozilla products. Any offers?

Nods to searchThis and UserAgentSwitcher from where various bits of the code were 'inspired'!

The selectsearch project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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